Husky Food

Husky Food

As we already know Siberian husky belongs to V FCI group (Spitz genetic family).
Huskies are a primitive breed and in their nutrition an important place belong to food that is based on a lot of fish, considering that they lived on cold snowy Siberia where there are many types of fish.
First we begin with some rules about Husky Food:

  1. While the husky is a puppy his food needs to be highly nutritious. We will best achieve this with dry food, granules. But, keep on mind that not all of dry food is the same quality.
We can rank dry food based on how much meat contains that food, and on that way we can distinguish:

-          Ultra premium quality food – husky food who contain 80% meat and 20% fruits and vegetables (in most of the cases this food DOES NOT contains grains! ).
-          Super premium quality food- food that contain 70% meat and 30% fruits, vegetables and grains.
-          Premium quality food – food with 50% meat and 50% other substances ( most of it are grains, a bit fruit and vegetables, and in this food has more and more additive and emulsifiers ).
-          Standard quality food – food which contains more other products then meat ( overfull of additive, emulsifiers and other substances that are dangerous for your dog).
husky food

Here are we put Funny Husky Pictures how Huskies eating and what that they love to eat. Also we have Page with other funny husky pictures.

For you puppy is the best if you can buy as well as possible quality food. But we must tell you that First ranked Husky Food Ultra Premium is rare, and on market you can find Super premium mostly as the best quality, and that is OK!  Because this food contains beside a lot of meat, fruits, vegetables, grains also the necessary amount of vitamins and you do not need to give extra vitamins to your dog.
If you still chose lower quality food, most of the times because of price( often that food is twice as cheaper), have on mind that your dog is need extra vitamins and calcium. And also, he is in danger that has allergies on that food because of a lot additives and emulsifiers. And also he may not be well developed.
 Sometimes, due to the rapid emergence with sufficient of vitamins comes to thinning of bone mass, rachitis, dandruff skin caused by allergies and other very serious problems!

Other way to satisfy nutritional needs is to prepare meal for your dog all by yourself.
But have on mind, except that is a long process, you maybe not will satisfy need for vitamins.
So you consider buying vitamins supplement.
But you can cook for your husky and he will be very happy for that!
Here are few tips what Husky Food may contain:
husky food-          cooked rice
-          vegetables like carrots, verdant, cabbage, celery, ect.
-          Fish! Husky need it. ( but while your dog is puppy you need to put out the bones or you can cook for him a smaller fish - picarels, sprats wish have smaller bones and can`t harm him .
-          chicken meat, turkey meat.

If you are asking why exactly fish the answer is: because of omega 3 and omega 6 fat acids, because, as we already tell, husky in history had lived on cold areas and he need a lot of that acids, an if he has insufficient of them he will have insufficient of zinc, too which causes many dermatological changes. Also we need to tell you very important husky facts: you must not salting food for your puppy!!! Because of the kidneys, which will overly work and that also leads to various problems.

  1. When your  husky grows up he will be able to eat a lot of other food that was not allowed to eat when he was a puppy, such as bigger fishes, bones, and salted food.
He doesn't develop anymore, you can introduce him lower quality food, but there will still be all those health risks except that will not affect the development of the organism.
Each period in dogs life food manufacturers covering with food, so you can find food for ADULT DOGS.

  1. And when your husky get old he will also need vitamins, but in a different quantity. Also the best food in this period is a dry food, because of balance of vitamins and minerals.

Lets say few words about raw food, people said that if you give a raw or bloody meat or bones can change husky temperament, or dog can become aggressive but it `s not true, as we said earlier, before Siberian Husky was eating raw fishes, and the fact is that cooked bones are up to two times more fragile than raw. 

If you gave your dog dry food dog need to have available fresh water all the time! 
On the packaging of food stands how to dose,as parameters the most often are taken weight that the dog will have as an adult and months that has now. 

At the end we just need to tell you:

  • There are food adapted for each period of dogs life:


Guided by the necessary amounts of vitamins for each period.
It is the best to stick to that and give DOG FOOD intended for his age. On the packaging of food stands dosing,as parameters are used dog weight when he is adult and second parametar is current number of months he has now. Do not overdose because your husky can eat more,when you gave him over recomanded, dry food in large amount can become deadly because granuls overflows when the dog drink water.

Later, in other posts we will write about healthy and dangerous vegetable and fruits for dogs.

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grand-sibersky said...

Is it okay to feed our husky with cooked rice? I feed my dog with caliber dog food, can you give me any review of this product?

Dubravko Miko said...

Yes it is ok! And the dogs like cooked rice! Our husky Neo is basically grown on the cooked rice, of course he had ate dry food, granules, and cooked meat and fish, too.

Dubravko Miko said...

Caliber dog food belongs to Premium Quality dog food so you can read more about differences between qualities of dogs food in this blog:
Page Husky Food,
and more about specification of that food google "caliber dog food review" :) or follow this link
We hope that we helped! :)