Husky Temperament

Siberian Husky Temperament and behavior

 Siberian husky temperament and behavior is characterized with  playfulness,  he is cuddly, gentle and reliable dog.
husky temperament
It is very sociable and is firmly attached to his family. He's intelligent, balanced temperament and obedient. He will not suit the owners or families who do not have enough time for him, because it will lead to the neglect of boredom, which leads to destructive behavior.
It's very energetic and need lots of exercise, so his owner should be just like that, too. Fast, agile and playful, Siberian husky is great companion for jogging and hiking. When not on a leash, he needs movement, play and exercise in a fenced area as it is very adept at escaping.

He likes to dig holes in the yard. Otherwise, it is a valuable dog that can haul heavy loads over long distances. It was used to pull sleds and race. From time to time they will bark or howl, but in general this is a very quiet dog.
On the funny husky pictures beside you can see some funny husky facts,too.

Husky temperament characterized too:

Husky is attached to children he love to play with them, according to Chukchi stories they put the largest male in cold winter nights in the children`s bed to heat them, so they are not dangerous to kids. 

According to strangers is a sociable and friendly. The dogs get along fine, but he is not to be trusted if it is near cats or other small animals. 

Although he is intelligent and a quick learner, dressage can be a bit problematic, because of husky temperament  so they are better for people who already have some experience with dogs  and who will be able to set up, from the beginning, as leaders.

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