Dog Show 1

What should be done with the dog, and with himself before the show?

The first thing you should do is prepare a dog that is physically maintain his physical fitness by regular walking, eventually exercises and proper diet, which means everyday "work".

The second is to teach the dog how to behave. There are chiefly thoughts on socialization with other dogs and crowds but on special training called dressage ring. To socialize a dog with such a large group of dogs and people, it's good to take him on a couple  of dog show s while he still a puppy. As for ring training concern the dog must learn position, moving at a trot to guide you,  how to be quiet while he examined the teeth and testicles. Similarly, we must learn that the order of running in the ring such that the first judge of common tasks running in circles after that goes into evaluating individual attitude to the examination of the teeth and testicles and running back and forth. After which comes the common running again and set the position to select winners.The judge will explain all that to you, but if you have not practiced well there is a risk that to your dog be defeated from a competitor who is objectively worse but he have been " better in show."

The third thing we need to do is a haircut, if it is a breed that has a specific type of hair that is cut or trim but according to the breed standard. We must find somebody who is an expert in cutting or trimming of the breed to which it belongs, and make an appointment long before the show, so we would not be late with the preparation. Some breeds are prepared a day or two before the show, some three weeks ago, and some must prepare and repeatedly so that the first time you go for a haircut / trim 4-5 weeks prior to the show and the editing at least a week before the show. Information who is the best specialist for your breed you will probably get in your breed club whose members you must be to be able at all to go to the show.

Dog Show 2The fourth thing you have to do is choose your clothes wisely where you show a dog (I mean really on your clothes, do not accidentally wear dog). Let it not be sweatshirt, but something more subtle than daily. So a little festive, but do not overdo it (indeed suit, tuxedo, but not at all). It is very important to match the color of clothes with coat of your dog, but as a contrast, but not too much, so, for example if you have a Black dog do not wear black pants,but wear white or some lighter color for example beige or khaki. It is same if you have white dog- wear some darker clothes.

Do not forget to bring a vet booklet about vaccinations for your dog, pedigree and everything your dog will need that day: a bowl, water, food, blanket and whatever you have on mind.

It is best to make a list of things you plan to wear to a dog show before packing and make sure you have everything.

There should be at least this:

 Veterinary history, pedigree, confirmation of the dog show, show book and work book (which you can buy at the show), bowls, water, food, blanket , brush and comb, folding chairs, bags for excrement and trash ( it's not nice to leave behind, the combed hair and canine excrement, papers and all that people know to throw around the ground), with a thermos of coffee, a raincoat, umbrella or tent, and everything other that you think that you should need . Of course at the first show, you'll see what you have to bring next time. 

Do not forget to put in the bag and goodwill because the nerves at the dog show working  a bit more and you will certainly need.
Dog Show 3

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