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One of best show in my country, beautiful organization and prizes.

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 Happy women's day

Happy women's day to all women around the world. Spend it in love with your families.

happy women's day

Happy women's day

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Siberian husky Valentine's day

Siberian husky  Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day to all! We wish you to spend it in love, to share love and love your Siberian huskies!
All the best from the editors of blog Husky facts

Siberian husky Valentine's day

Friday, 8 February 2013

Warning About Huskies


 If you are planning to buy a Siberian Husky, in this video you can see all the facts about them! Watch carefully and think twice about buying them before you finally do. Also, think about things that are not able to provide them. Do not let them suffer!
Read about Husky Facts on this blog and find out more interesting facts about huskies!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Dog Eats Chocolate

Dog Eats Chocolate


DOG EATS CHOCOLATEDue to articles like this, many of us square measure currently conscious of chocolate's toxicity in dogs and cats. With the recent quality of chocolates that square measure sixty and seventy percent  cocoa, this risk has become way more serious. Dark chocolates have forever been additional virulent than milk chocolates, and these newer chocolates square measure even additional therefore. virulent doses of chocolate will cause abnormal heartbeats, renal disorder and death. 
 When dog eats chocolate the virulent dose is depending on weight, therefore very little dogs square measure at higher risk, however with the upper levels of cocoa in chocolate merchandise currently even larger dogs square measure in danger.
Chocolate has theobromine and alkaloid.They can result the central system (may cause your dog to tilt his head or bob,walk backwards or to the aspect virtually as if he is drunk) and also the muscle ( significant panting, wide eyes and whining like he just finished chasing a cat;heart attack).
Chocolate has the smallest amount of stimulants and cooking chocolate or cocoa beans have the very best.
Have on mind that if your dog eats chocolate these are the toxic levels per sort of chocolate:

Milk Chocolate. 
Gentle signs of toxicity will occur once zero.7 ounces per pound of weight is eaten. Severe signs occur once two ounces per pound of weight is eaten. 

Baking Chocolate. 
Gentle signs of toxicity will occur once zero.1 ounce per pound of weight is eaten. Severe signs occur once zero.3 ounce per pound of weight is eaten. 2 tiny one-ounce squares of cooking chocolate may be harmful to a 20-pound dog.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate. 
Gentle signs of toxicity will occur once 1/3 ounce per pound of weight is eaten. Severe signs occur once one ounce per pound of weight is eaten. This implies that as very little as six ounces of bittersweet chocolate may be harmful to the system of a 20-pound dog.

White Chocolate. 
Gentle signs of toxicity will occur once forty five ounces per pound of weight is eaten. Severe toxicity happens once ninety ounces per pound of weight in eaten. 


If your dog is not displaying signs of symptoms, the fat content could cause nausea or symptom.If this happens, watch him rigorously. If his symptoms do not clear up among eight hours, consult your vet (if your pet is extremely tiny or young, decision among four hours); Keep him hydrous. Attempt to be as precise as you'll be able to concerning the kind of chocolate your dog ate, the number and once he ate it. 

If the animal is showing signs of toxicity, he encompasses a sensible prognosis if he is treated among four to 6 hours of intake.

If your dog eats groceries that he should not, he also can have problems with his dog glands, you can read about this kind of ailments in previous posts and it is also very important that your dog eats healthy and nutritious food. We have write about food for dogs and especially adopted husky food on our page.

As you read this article you are now aware that when dog eats chocolate he is in big danger for his health and life, pay attention what your dog is eating.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Dog glands

Dog glands

Dog glands 2
Dogs have a pair of glands located at either side of anus that are used for scent-marking their territory. When a dog is very stressed or suddenly unpleasantly surprised, it sometimes reacts by voiding the anal glands. That this has happened becomes clear because this process emits on of the most unpleasant odors you'll ever encounter. For many dogs, that's all you'll ever have to know about these glands, and even that will simply be something you might add to your own stock of Trivial Pursuit questions.

Dog glands 1
However, there are dogs that have a tendency for their anal dog glands to become plugged.In smooth-haired dogs, you can tell that the anal are plugged by seeing usual puffiness around the dogs anus. If a dog is dragging his rear and along the ground, he is likely to have plugged anal dog glands (not, as some think, worms). Sometimes the dog has an occasional foul smell. Other dogs exhibit this comfort moving their bowels. Plugged anals, untreated become infected, and ultimately this condition can be a lot of big trouble for your dog, so if you have any reason to suspect that your dog glands are plugged, ask your veterinary to check them for you.
Also on problem with plugged dog glands affects the bad nutrition ,so you need to know how to feed your husky. About this you can read on our page Husky Food where are we try to explain the difference of food. Husky need to eat food that will not cause diarrhea, because it is the main cause of this disease.
Also one of the causes of this disease is the insufficient of movement, but you probably know that the Siberian husky is the kind of breed that need a lot of exercise, and have that on mind when you choose for husky. Because of that study husky facts before you get him. 
If your dog got problem with dog glands once, he will probably have this problem also later,but that can be controlled by vet regular checkups. 

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Funny husky pictures

Funny husky pictures

Happy New year husky!!!

Greetings from Siberian husky Neo, who is almost 11 months old!Funny husky pictures

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