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Husky Facts

Husky dog informations and facts

Husky Facts 7Husky Facts 7

 Huskies have striking eyes!
One of the most beautiful husky facts is huskies eyes.
You must agree with that.
Each of us has seen as least one beautiful blue-eyed husky.
But don’t be mistaken. Huskies can have except blue eyes also brown, green and can be bicolor. Which means that one of the eye is blue and other is brown. Also you can see huskies with bicolor eyes which are blue and brown in each eye.
For more explanations see funny husky pictures with variations of colors of husky eyes on the right side. eyes
4.a) Bicolor
4.b) Bicolor in the same eye

Husky Facts 8

Huskies are hilarious!

If you asked what that means first look funny husky pictures below!
In that picture you can see how huskies have funny poses while sleeping. 
Husky Facts 8

All of the huskies are just like that, if you look while their sleeping you will see that they are always in some kind funny position. Must agree that it is so sweet!

Husky Facts 9

Huskies coat can be in many colors!
One more facts about Siberian huskies is their beutiful colours of the coat.
Most often huskies are silver-white, or black-white. But they also can be brown-white, orange, all white and pinto. Almost every combination is allowed.
On this funny husky pictures you can see some combinations.

Husky Facts 9

Husky Facts 10

Huskies can tolerate very low temperatures!

As a polar dogs, huskies are adapted to live in some very low temperatures. And they love to be in cold. 
As example our husky Neo love to sleep on a rain, or jump and play in a snow. When is snowing he is not in his house, he is happily playing in the snow, and sometimes the snow literally froze on his coat, but that is not a problem for huskies because their coat is waterproof and because of that they are always dry.
Husky Facts 10

For that reason is not recommended to have a huskies if you live in Subtropical or Tropical places.
This is husky facts for today. More Husky Facts very soon.

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