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Husky Facts

Husky Facts

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Siberian husky is a medium-size dog originated in north-eastern Siberia. The breed belongs to V FCI group(Spitz genetic family ). More information about the breed you can find on page "About the breed".

How we are proud owners of the Siberian husky we would try to point out some very important things about a breed and in that way help you to make the right decision before getting one.
  • Husky Facts 1
Husky need a lot of exercise

As you already know Husky is a dog that is used for towing sleds. Because of this, every day he needs as much as possible activities.

husky facts 1
husky facts 1
Under the activities include: walking, jogging, running with the bike, towing lighter loads on sleds etc.

A big backyard doesn`t count as exercise. Like wolves, huskies have a instinctual need to run and travel, which is why they make great sled dogs.

Siberian Husky are energetic dog that demand a good part of the exercise - at least 30 to 60 minutes a day.

  • Husky Facts 2
Husky love to dig

husky facts 2
Husky Facts 2
Instinctively Huskies love to dig, and it very much.
Husky can not be unlearned of it. It is one of the unfavorable characteristics that have to be considered when purchasing a husky, and for this reason many huskies end up in the street.

More exercise will reduce the desire for digging-dog will be tired.
More suggestions for activities see in  Husky Facts 1.

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Huskies shed a lot

Husky Facts 3

The Siberian Husky's coat is thicker than most other breeds of dogs, consists of two layers: a dense undercoat and a longer topcoat of short, straight protecting hairs. It protects the dogs effectively against sharp Arctic winters, but the coat also reflects heat in the summer. It is able to withstand temperatures as low as -50 to -60 ° C undercoat is often absent during shedding. Their thick coats demand weekly grooming.About twice a year, Siberian Huskies blow their coat.

To remove dead undercoat is best to use a comb that removes the undercoat or FURminator, twice a week during shedding season.

  • Husky Facts 4

Siberian husky is not a good guard dog

Beacuse of their wolfish look most people is afraid of huskies. But huskies are friendly to all people and they except everyone to their pack. On the contrary, they will happily run to the strangers and lick them. 
Because of that most of the people who need guard dog with husky have another dog who is a guardian dog. 

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Huskies are hunters 

Huskies are great hunters. They love to catch smaller animals such as rabbits, cats, ferrets, and also birds (pigeons, doves, chickens,parrots, etc.)

Because of that it is not prefered to have those small animals as another pet or breeding them nearby huskies. 

Be aware that your husky will pull to them if he sees them anywhere.

Don't be surprised if you find feathers in your backyard because in period of first couple of years your husky will instinctively hunting birds in flight.

  • Husky Facts 6

Huskies don't bark they howl

husky facts 6
Huskies mostly don't know how to bark, but while they are puppies  they know to bark a little bit, as time pass by they forgot that, too. 

It is interesting that their howling can be heard up to 15 km.

Have on mind that huskies are silent type and most of the time they don't make any sound at all.

Husky Facts


Anonymous said...

I think my husky might be defective. He doesn't dig much, he barks all of the time, he is very protective and will bite unfamiliar people that come into our yard, he hates the snow, and he sleeps a lot.

Dubravko Miko said...

Barking and long resting, nibbling are just some of the stages of growing your husky, of course, if your dog is at this stage ... a lot of walking and get acquainted with people and other dogs can help with problems with the protection you ... My Husky is also acting guarding every time the other dog approaches me but I never provided a chance to him to be the least behave aggressively toward people, this behavior even when he was a puppy was punished.